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GetLegal Café Forums

Public ForumsForums are at the heart of GetLegal Café. They’re the places where you can connect with other members to ask questions, provide responses, engage in discussion, or just network. GetLegal Café has two different kinds of forums: Public Forums and Group Forums. Here’s the difference between the two:

Public Forums are open to everyone--attorneys, paralegals, law students, and members of the public who simply have questions about the law or a law-related topic. Non-members can visit and read these forums, but you must be signed-in as a Café member in order to post or respond to a topic.

Group Forums are open only to members of a GetLegal Café Group. Our private Groups are generally for attorneys, law students, and those working in some capacity to support the practice of law. Only Group members can visit, read, and post in Group Forums.

Public Forum Topics

Public Forums are grouped into four general categories:

State Law

In the U.S., everyone’s life is touched by the law of state where they live. State law generally governs matters relating to personal injuries, family law (marriage, divorce, custody), criminal law (including DUIs, probation, and juvenile offenses), real property, and setting up a small business, to name a few. Although there are some federal laws relating to these topics, state law will most frequently determine the outcome of matters in these areas of the law. 

Click here to select a state and see the forums for that jurisdiction.

Federal Law

Certain legal issues are governed by the laws of the United States, rather than the law of your individual state. These topics include immigration, labor and employment, bankruptcy, and intellectual property (copyright, trademarks, patents) Although there may be some state laws that address these matters, they will, for the most, be decided by federal law.

Click here to see our Federal Law Forums.

Nationwide Litigation (Mass Torts/Class Actions)

Sometimes, the claims of people in various states across the country are decided together in one large legal action. This happens when a large number of people have claims relating to a single product or service. Examples of nationwide class actions would be litigation involving defective pharmaceutical drugs, automobile defects (e.g., Ford Explorer rollover cases), and the Equifax data breach. 

Click here for a list of the available Nationwide Litigation Forums.

Attorneys, Lawsuits & Courts -- General

These forums don’t relate to specific laws but are more generally for discussion of matters relating to laws, lawyers, and the legal system.  

Click here to see our general forums relating to Attorneys, Lawsuits & Courts.